NOSORH Resources for SORH Work to Improve the Health of Rural Veterans

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Have you considered how to make simple steps to working with your VHA resource center or VISN in your region?  If you’ve thought about it but aren’t quite sure how, a new resource guide is designed just for you.  The new guide was developed as part of a contract with the VHA Office of Rural Health and is now available on the NOSORH website here. The new guide provides information for SORHs on VHA resources, facts about the health needs of veterans, ideas for partnerships and best practices, and Top 10 suggested activities that SORHs can engage in to address the health care needs of rural veterans.  We’re planning a webinar in May to review the guide and share SORH examples of SORH VHA collaboration; stay tuned for more information about the webinar. Later this year, an environmental scanning tool will be released to help SORHs assess rural veteran resources.

If you’d like to learn more about projects the VHA ORH has funded around the nation, check out the 2012 National Rural Health Day presentation on Cultural Awareness While Serving Rural Veterans, which provides an overview of projects.



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