The time has finally arrived! It’s Regional Meeting season and this month NOSORH and the host states are ready to welcome Region A to Charlottesville, Virginia, and Region D to Little Rock, Arkansas. As always, these meetings, as well as all the regional meetings, are full of incredible value to the State Offices of Rural Health (SORHs) and your partners. The planning committees have put a great amount of thought into these jam-packed agendas. There will be more of a focus on group participation and more SORH-to-SORH interaction with agenda items that focus on the work of the SORHs. Many hot topics and several changes have emerged since the regions last met, and these agendas reflect that need for current and up-to-date information and solutions. The goal with these meetings is to provide SORHs with a meaningful opportunity to learn from other states, partners at the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, and other SORH partners.

If you have not yet registered for the Region C meeting in Minneapolis, MN, please click here. Be looking for the registrations for Region E and B soon.


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