TruServe is a data reporting tool now used by over 40 rural health agencies across the country, with the majority being SORHs.  It is used for grant reporting, annual reports, monitoring program progress, demonstrating reach/impact and internal communication and planning.  The TruServe Advisory Committee consists of a group of very active users who advise the University of North Dakota on how to make data entry easier and complete.  John Eich, director of the Wisconsin SORH, expounds, “Being on the Advisory Committee allows us to hear the thinking and roadmap behind this critical software for our office.  It’s also a chance to provide input on how we use it to the developers, and weigh in on new feature ideas and help prioritize the to-do list.” The committee is constantly taking user feedback to improve TruServe and ensure that TruServe can meet the changing needs for grant tracking and reporting.  The most recent efforts involve the Performance Measures Dictionary to provide definitions and distinguishing characteristics for SORHs performance.  “The TruServe Advisory Committee (TAC) provides invaluable input for the development of TruServe. TAC members inform TruServe on user needs for functionality, enhancements and technical support. The committee provides insights on training opportunities and materials that would most benefit SORHs in maximizing their use of TruServe as a tracking and reporting tool,” reports Kelly Quigley, TruServe Coordinator.

If you have input for TruServe, please contact Matt Strycker.


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