The NOSORH Policy Committee is open to any member of NOSORH who has an interest in learning more about national policy issues and being engaged in the policy activities of the organization. The Committee is responsible for tracking policy issues of interest to NOSORH and coordinating policy communication and educational activities for the organization. Co-Chair Lisa Davis summarizes, “The Policy Committee is one of the longest standing NOSORH committees and addresses a wide range of issues at the national level as well as disseminates information to SORHs on policy issues that impact the delivery of rural health care services in the states.  The committee also works closely with other national partners to further the collective rural health voice in national policy, legislation, and regulation.”

The Policy Committee typically meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 2pm EST for a Washington update, an FORHP update and to focus on our policy goals.  Co-Chair Mark Schoenbaum shares, “The committee includes both new and longtime members, and it’s a good way for members to keep up on policy issues and try their hand at advocacy and policy analysis on behalf of all SORHs.”  For more information about the committee or to join the committee, please contact that Policy Committee Chairs Lisa Davis or Mark Schoenbaum.

In February, the committee discussed their participation in the National Rural Health Association’s Policy Institute and lauded the NRHA effort.  Several SORH on the call reported about their hill visits and a genuine understanding of the need to stop funding cuts to rural facilities and some interest in supporting increased appropriation for State Offices of Rural Health.  NOSORH wants to hear from every SORH or their partners about their ability to reach out to their congressional delegation to continue the efforts that began during the Policy Institute.  A survey was sent to SORH directors to gather this information.  Please respond by March 6th.  Results will be reported in next month’s Branch.

Also discussed on the February Policy Committee call, FORHP provided regulatory updates on CAH/RHC PQRS Participation; CMS 2016 Essential Community Providers List that includes RHCs; CMS updates on State Operations Manual for CAHs, RHCs, FQHCs and other providers; and the need for certification of CAH Necessary Providers.  Click here for more information shared during the call.


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