It’s almost NOSORH election time, so that means the NOSORH Nominating Committee will be convening soon. The Committee, chaired by Mary Sheridan, NOSORH Past President, is responsible for identifying interested SORH candidates for NOSORH offices and facilitating the nomination process. In addition, the Committee contacts each region regarding the election of regional representatives. Prior to the NOSORH Annual Meeting in September, the NOSORH membership will be provided with a list nominees. The election of NOSORH officers will then be held by written ballot at the Annual Meeting. Election results will be presented to the group prior to the close of the meeting.

“The responsibility of the Nominating Committee is to find the right person to step into key NOSORH leadership roles. Engaged committee members and representation from every region are strategies to success,” said Sheridan. If interested in serving on the Nominating Committee, especially members from Regions A and C, please contact Mary Sheridan. Members with an interest in being nominated to an office may not serve on the Nominating Committee.

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