SORH continually state that they often learn best from other SORH.  To facilitate this peer-to-peer learning, NOSORH’s Education Exchange committee focuses on enhancing the leadership of SORH through education and training assistance.  The EE committee oversees the topics/suggestions for webinars, learning communities, institutes, mentoring, toolkits and promising practices.  Co-Chairs Natalie Claiborne (MT) and Scott Ekblad (OR) lead the work of the Education Exchange Committee. “The Education Exchange committee is working with other NOSORH committees and the NOSORH Board to enhance the learning opportunities for SORHs.  This is a great time for SORHs to weigh in on their educational needs,” encourages Scott Ekblad.

In addition to the many learning opportunities provided by NOSORH, travel scholarships may be used by NOSORH members to visit another SORH in order to:

  • Develop or enhance their rural health expertise or knowledge;
  • Cultivate their leadership skills;
  • Adopt a promising practice; or
  • Improve their program management and/or strategic planning and implementation effectiveness.

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The NOSORH Board has been considering a strategic focus for educational activities.  A high priority for NOSORH is to “Identify high-value educational activities and other services to serve SORH through the CA and other resource”.  Last month members of the Executive Committee, Education Exchange, FLEX and PPMT committees met to focus on how NOSORH should refine educational goals and best plan to meet the educational needs of SORH.

Stephanie Hansen, NOSORH’s Education and Services Director explains, “This is an exciting time to plan education opportunities for SORH while still in the midst of health reform.”  If you are interested in helping to plan future learning activities, contact Natalie or Scott to join the committee.


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