NOSORH Announces New Rural Primary Care Benchmarking Partnership

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NOSORH has partnered with Lilypad, LLC to implement the Practice Operations National Database (POND) program, a web-based data collection, reporting and benchmarking application for rural primary care providers. POND provides a unique data set focused on rural relevant financial, operational, productivity and compensation measures for which no systematic data sets currently exists.

POND will help SORHs:

  • Engage with RHCs to provide access to comparative analytics to contribute to understanding current rural provider performance.
  • Facilitate sharing of best practices and provide data for more effective contracting and operational improvement.
  • Offer technical assistance for physician practice management and recruitment and retention best practices.

POND provides an easy, consistent approach to engage RHCs and other primary care providers. It can also be used to promote community between FQHCs and RHCs through data-based discussions and can establish the SORH as a source of relevant and unique resources.

Watch this video to learn more about POND and find more information on the POND website.

Click here to enroll in POND. Annual fees for SORHs are $2500 for states with fewer than 90 RHCs and $3500 for states with more than 90 RHCs. This annual fee enables all rural primary care practices in your state to participate in POND.

If you have any additional questions, contact Kassie Clarke at

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