Through a thoughtful and strategic partnership with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), NOSORH will have the opportunity to work more closely with the state Primary Care Offices (PCOs) for the next three years. NOSORH will be providing logistical support for the PCO National Committee by managing the agendas, minutes, scheduling, and follow-up between meetings. In addition, NOSORH will be providing the logistical support for the PCO Training Academy, a mentoring program for new PCO staff that includes a face-to-face meeting and site visits. The application period for applying to the PCO Training Academy closes on February 8 and applications can be found here.

The work with ASTHO goes much further than the logistical support components, including new resources that will benefit SORH, PCOs, State Health Officials and rural communities. One such resource will be an issue brief on best practices for completing the required PCO Needs Assessment, with examples from peer PCOs and suggestions from federal partners. Building upon the previously successful work around Social Determinants of Health, a toolkit will be developed to describe and identify the intersection of rural education and rural economic development, and the impact these sectors have on community health.

NOSORH would like to thank ASTHO for their support and great partnership to support the PCOs in their daily work.

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