The three nonprofit State Offices of Rural Health gathered for their third annual meeting on September 27-28. Hosted by the Michigan Center for Rural Health (MCRH), the Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) and the South Carolina Office of Rural Health (SCORH) traveled to Lansing, MI, for two days of collaborative discussion and exploration.

“As nonprofit SORHs, we are built and run a little differently than other SORHs. It’s helpful to learn how we all manage and engage with our Quality Networks, board of directors, and recruitment efforts,” said John Barnas, MCRH director.

To assist with the associated travel costs, Michelle Mills, CRHC director, and Graham Adams, SCORH director, utilized the NOSORH Educational Exchange scholarships to cover the costs of their travel to Lansing. Leveraging the available resource from NOSORH.

“The educational exchange with Michigan and South Carolina are an invaluable opportunity to share,” said Mills. “We don’t only share; we learn and help one another with creating innovation and sustainability as a nonprofit.” Mills also added that coming away from this meeting, she found high value in the takeaways that “true collaboration with an ACO allows the SORH access to data that helps our CAHs move into the future, and taking the entire SORH staff to visit with a rural community creates real excitement for our mission and vision as SORHs.”

“We find the educational exchange with Michigan and Colorado extremely rewarding,” said Adams. “It’s always great to learn from the other nonprofit SORHs, share struggles regarding staffing, board governance and overall sustainability. At this meeting, we focused a lot on how we might do things together to better serve our rural communities.”

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