Thanks to great meeting hosts Britt Catron and Gabriel Chavez of the New Mexico Office of Primary and Rural Health and Mary Winar and Heather Cappabianca of the Connecticut Office of Rural Health.  The hospitality was excellent! Go to our Facebook page to see and share photos from the regional meetings.

RD14 - group photoSORHs in Region D met in Santa Fe, NM on June 9-10, 2014.  During the meeting, participants learned about the New Mexico Rural Health Resource Center, population health success strategies for CAHs, telehealth, Project ECHO, TruServe, and toured an innovative, successful community health center.  In addition to these learning topics, participants spent time networking with each other.  One topic of discussion was the low participation of uninsured Hispanics in the health insurance marketplace in the region.  Dr. Dan Derksen, Director of the Arizona Center for Rural Health, provided data to the group on this issue.

RA14 - group photoRegion A states gathered in Hartford, CT June 17-19th.  SORH invited Primary Care Offices to join the meeting this year.  Heather Cappabianca, Director of the Connecticut Office of Rural Health facilitated a deep dive discussion on SORH data utilization.  Presentations included a range of behavioral health topics like integrating primary care into behavioral health presentation and using TruServe for data reporting.


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