Thanks to Gloria Vermie and the staff from the Iowa Office of Rural Health for hosting the Region C Meeting in Des Moines. Thanks to Graham Adams and his staff from the South Carolina Office of Rural Health for hosting Region B in Greenville.  The hospitality was excellent! Go to our Facebook page to see and share photos from all the regional meetings.

SORHs in Region C met in Des Moines, IA on August 12-16, 2014.  During the meeting, participants learned about the effects of changing health markets and delivery systems in rural areas, patient centered medical homes, population health issues, tele-psychiatry, and CAH financial and operational assessments.

SORHs in Region B met in Greenville, SC on August 19-21, 2014. During the meeting, participants learned about hospital closure aftermath and impact on outpatient care, leading Rural Health Clinics through practice transformation, and working with veterans.  Participants also visited a CAH in SC and learned about community paramedicine in the county, the hospital’s use of Lean Practices for quality improvement, and the collaborative nature of the CAH-FQHC relationship.  Visit the NOSORH website for copies of presenter presentations.


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