NOSORH is announcing a reworking of the TruServe Advisory Committee (TAC) into the TruServe Users Group. Taking into account the work that the TAC was able to accomplish in updating the measures and the work needed going forward, it was decided to convene a new users group to better address the needs of TruServe users. The group will meet as necessary to focus on user needs, updates to the platform, and any other issue that may arise.

Here are a few updates to help you better utilize the TruServe platform:

  • Interested in getting TruServe reports emailed directly to you? A scheduled reports feature was created to allow users to have customized TruServe reports emailed to them periodically (daily, weekly, or monthly). Use this new feature to monitor federal or state reports throughout the year!
  • Work with contractors? Another new feature is a user role for contractors. Organizations can now allow contractors access to enter data in their TruServe system without seeing or being able to report on other program data.
  • Starting in early 2018, TruServe will be phasing out support of old versions of Internet Explorer. As this happens, Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, and 10 will likely see some performance downgrades when attempting to use TruServe. This browser update allows for the implementation of new TruServe functionality. If you have any concerns about this, please contact Matt Strycker.

In addition to the new users group, NOSORH and its partners at the North Dakota Center for Rural Health (CRH) will continue to offer valuable monthly TruServe trainings.  Mark Barclay, TruServe Coordinator at CRH, is always available for any questions you may have.

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