NOSORH, in collaboration with the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), is proud to announce the launch of Social Determinants of Health: A Quick Reference Guide for State Offices of Rural Health and State and Territorial Health Officials.

This guide offers an overview of social determinants of health, highlighting the key relationships between health status and the social issues of housing, transportation, education, and food insecurity. The guide also provides targeted resources and state examples to help readers learn more and act on these significant drivers of health status, outcomes, and costs. This document also serves as a primer to the collaborative work that NOSORH and ASTHO will be doing in the upcoming year.

“SORH can use the guide to initiate a conversation with State Health Officers and other public health stakeholders about rural efforts to address social determinants of health,” said Chris Salyers, NOSORH Education and Services Director.

The guide can be found on the NOSORH website, along with other valuable resources, under Educational Resources by Topic. For questions regarding this resource, please contact Chris Salyers, Education and Services Director.