NOSORH recently released the State Office of Rural Health Roadmap for Working with Vulnerable Hospitals to provide resources and models to assist SORHs providing technical assistance for hospitals in jeopardy of closing. This Roadmap was developed at the request of the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) in response to the increasing number of hospital closures over the past several years. The Roadmap is full of resources and tools that SORHs, hospitals and communities can use to assist with the hospital transition process, which might mean closure of the existing inpatient facility as it currently operates, and the transition to a new service delivery model. While the focus of the Roadmap is on vulnerable hospitals, it can be a resource for all SORHs working with hospitals on various aspects of healthcare reform. It also includes tools and SORH examples to inform the efforts of SORHs in supporting rural communities’ efforts to ensure health care services for the people they serve.

NOSORH is offering a free webinar on Wednesday, December 7 at 1 pm EASTERN to review this resource and hear directly from two states who have been working with vulnerable hospitals over the past few years. This webinar is intended for State Offices of Rural Health. Click here to register.

Thank you to the many partners and SORHs who contributed greatly to the production of this document.

For more information on how to access these tools and resources, contact Kassie Clarke at

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