Michelle brings substantial experience and working knowledge of rural health issues and has worked closely with rural communities and providers to make a positive impact on rural health delivery. Michelle is responsible for building relationships that the Center has established with other organizations, funders, and rural healthcare leaders and is dedicated to collaboration.

How do you promote creativity in your office? We do several things.  First we do lots of brainstorming and tons of ideas come from that.  Secondly, we set the vision for our office and of course we have work plans and timelines to adhere to, but we really let people do their job and not dictate how each step is done and this helps encourage creative approaches.

How do your recognize the accomplishments of your team?

We have a brag board in our kitchen for both personal and work recognition.  We also have each area of our focus as a part of thermometer for people to visualize and we color in where we are to goal.  We like to keep an open and transparent environment showing where we are and what are we working on to create a healthy competition and camaraderie.

What is a fun thing you do to promote leadership within your team?

We host a book club once a quarter with the leadership team and emerging leaders in our office that pertains to work or an area of growth.  We incorporate aspects of the learning into our work, which helps creativity flow, builds skill sets and creates future leaders.