Learning to Lead: The Jim Bernstein SORH Leadership Institute, is designed to grow engaged, equipped, and resilient leaders and to provide rural focused professional development to current and future leaders and managers of State Offices.

This 12-part live webinar series is exclusively for State Office of Rural Health (SORH) staff.

The purpose of the Jim Bernstein SORH Leader Institute: Learning to Lead is to assist SORH staff to:

  • determine baseline status of their current leadership;
  • establish a foundational understanding of the unique leadership roles and concepts within a SORH to become a recognized resource in their state and to support capacity building to assist in reduction SORH leadership turnover;
  • develop, articulate and implement an inspired vision;
  • establish a succession plan.

“Rare is the leader who so many would claim as mentor and friend.”

This quote from the Resolution adopted June 14, 2005 by the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services, DHHS, sums up the character, integrity and legacy of Jim Bernstein. It’s also part of the inspiration for the Institute title — Learning to Lead.

I was fortunate to know the man a little, meaning he knew who I was and thanked me for my service. But, more importantly, I was one of the many “next generation” rural servant leaders forever changed by his passion, philosophy and dedication to community-driven rural service.

I’m excited to share this new Institute with you and hope you will join me on the journey to uncover your leader-potential!

Tammy Norville

A Certificate of Rural Health Leadership will be awarded to participants at the conclusion of the Institute when a participant:

  • attends and completes quizzes for 75% of the 12 sessions
  • satisfactorily submits 75% of seven (7) homework assignments (approximately 30 minutes to complete each assignment)
  • develops and completes the Institute presentation (built on homework assignments)
  • completes the final comprehensive evaluation of the Institute.

Contact Tammy Norville at (888) 391-7258 ext. 105 or tammyn@nosorh.org for additional information