NOSORH took advantage of some face time and a discount offered by the National Association of Rural Health Clinics to host a kick-off meeting for the Rural Health Clinic Institute (RHCI) on October 26th.  Several states were able to connect and share experiences of working with RHCs in their states.  “It was a great way for SORHs to connect and learn from each other about the needs in their states and resources available in other states. We are all excited about the Institute that will get underway later this month,” says Kassie Clarke, NOSORH Communications and Development Coordinator.  This was an optional event for those who registered early and were able to attend the conference.  Attendees will share their top take-aways with other participants when the webinar series begins on November 12th.

The RHCI was developed by NOSORH to help State Offices of Rural Health build their capacity to provide technical assistance to certified Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) in their states.  This is a 9-part webinar series for SORHs to learn about the needs and operations of RHCs and how to provide technical assistance to RHCs to help them navigate health reform. The registration fee just for the Institute is $500.  Click here to register.


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