Graham Adams
Chief Executive Director
South Carolina Office of Rural Health

What I’m currently reading: The Unauthorized Biography of Teryl Eisinger: A Previously Untold Tell All
Favorite thing about working at a SORH: The ability/flexibility to tailor programs to the needs of rural communities. I like being an advocate for the underdog.
What I’m working on right now: Creating a broader vision of rural in South Carolina. Rural advocates have historically stayed pretty much in their own lane (health care, housing, education, etc). Helping people to connect the dots and appreciate the interconnectedness is a challenge, but worth doing.
Best advice I ever received: Hire good people and let them do their work.
If I weren’t doing this, I would be…messing with vintage sports cars and trucks, mostly European but anything unusual.
People would be surprised if they knew: I played drums when I was young.
Who inspires you? Not really “who”, but rather “what”. I think seeing the goodness in people inspires us all to do better.
What’s your secret talent? Awesomeness… and humility.
My Top 3 Goals for 2018: Just do the best you can everyday.