Celebrate National Rural Health Day!

Our partner, iVantage Health Analytics, is a leading healthcare analytics company and their research is the driving force for determining this year’s top performing rural hospitals. Each year, iVantage Health Analytics develops the Rural Relevance under Healthcare Reform Study as a means of quantifying the rural hospital value proposition and offering analytic transparency around the landscape’s defining factors. Few – if any – studies examining the rural healthcare landscape leverage as broad a cross section of empirical content and expertise as the Rural Relevance under Healthcare Reform Study.

Check out the rural hospitals recognized in each of the performance categories:

Your Guide to Promoting the Performance Leadership Award

Congratulations on the number of hospitals in your state earning the 2015 Performance Leadership Awards! We’ve created this document to help you maximize communication around this significant achievement. The successful performance of your state’s hospitals provides you with an immediate opportunity to celebrate with your hospital, create a source of accomplishment among staff, and send a powerful message to communities which these hospitals serve throughout the state.

We have a toolbox full of useful resources, templates and information so you can share the news of your performance leadership.

Here you’ll find:

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