In June, NOSORH launched a new Grant Writing Institute designed specifically for Emergency Medical Services personnel. The inaugural course was a great success (see samples of participant feedback below) with 85 participants from 21 states participating in the 3-part series. Content focused on the “A-Z” in grant writing, funding innovative models of care and learning how to connect and collaborate with funders, community members and stakeholders. NOSORH plans to offer another EMS Grant Writing Institute in early 2017. If you would like to see a list of participants from your state, please contact Donna Pfaendtner.

“I want to take more classes like this from this grant writing group because I am learning a lot of good information.”
“The course is definitely worth the investment.”
“Great refresher of information I already knew, but haven’t used in a while. The presentation generated several ideas that I had not previously realized I needed to consider regarding EMS-related grants.”
“They created a sense of confidence that the whole process is something we can accomplish.”
“Great information! Fast pace kept things moving along so it wasn’t boring and remained interesting.”
“Great presentation! Well thought out and well presented. I have taught college for 20+ years and you were great.”

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