NOSORH offered an informative webinar on Improving Rural Health Network Adequacy in February.  In case you missed it, all the materials and recording have been posted to NOSORH’s website.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) has changed the regulatory environment for health network adequacy. New regulations and guidance are being issued at the both Federal and State levels. The webinar explored opportunities for State Offices of Rural Health to participate in the new efforts and approaches to assuring that health networks, including Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), have adequate providers and facilities.

As the PPACA continues to rollout, we see that special arrangements are needed to meet inadequate numbers of providers or facilities in rural shortage areas to ensure appropriate access to enrollees. SORHs are knowledgeable about services in these communities and are well placed to participate in efforts to assure appropriate rural health care.

There are several new initiatives designed to improve the regulation of health network adequacy nationwide.  There will be new opportunities at the State and Federal level for SORHs to address this issue with State Medicaid programs, State Insurance Commissioners and Health Exchanges.

Listen to the first webinar on the requirements for Network Adequacy and how SORHs can get involved and help implement strategies that makes the most sense for rural areas.  As this process unfolds, NOSORH will provide more learning opportunities to review the changes in the coming year.


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