How SORH Can Support CMS Section 131 (GME “Reset”)

May 2022

New research from the Rural GME looks for hospitals that might be eligible for a GME “reset.” Rural GME conducted a state-by-state analysis, creating fact sheets for all 50 states and identifying those hospitals that may have an opportunity to expand their residency programs.


The Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has authorized Section 131, which provides a “reset” of residency slots in some rural and urban hospitals. The Rural GME (the Rural Residency/Teaching Health Center Planning and Development TA Centers) has analyzed, by state, which hospitals are possibly leaving money on the table! Hospitals have until July 1, 2022, to correct any inaccuracies in the data with their Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).

What can a SORH do?

There’s still time to help your hospitals! SORH are encouraged to review their state analysis (below) for potentially eligible hospitals. Those that have an asterisk (*) in the “PRA” column indicate they are below the regional benchmark and may have an opportunity to improve their residency allotments.

Take Action!

Reach out to identified hospitals and encourage them to review their data in the Rural GME HCRIS Data Tool. (Note: HCRIS access requires the creation of a free account). Hospitals should contact their MAC well before the July 1st deadline if they have inaccuracies.

Click a state from the list below to view the Section 131 GME Tables: