More and more rural constituents are interested in applying for Rural Health Network Development grant funds.  Many organizations do not fully understand the steps that need to have already taken place prior to submitting an application or the amount of work that goes into completing an application. To help constituents understand how to be a successful applicant, NOSORH hosted the webinar Keys to Writing a Successful Rural Health Network Development (RHND) Grant Program Application. This webinar was intended for State Offices of Rural Health, Rural Hospitals, Rural Clinics, Rural Networks and other interested applicants.

Teryl Eisinger, NOSORH’s Executive Director, described the steps necessary to write a successful Network Development grant application and answered 10 key questions to ask before making the decision to apply for this funding. Many resources were shared on the webinar and this will continue to be a resource for anyone interested in applying for this funding in the future. Participants shared that the information was very helpful, especially the rural relevant resources. A recording of the webinar and additional resources can be found on the NOSORH website.

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