NOSORH, the State Offices of Rural Health, and our Partners are excited to be celebrating the 5th Annual National Rural Health Day this year.  When planning this event, and most events, NOSORH strives to make this year bigger and better than last year, and the 5th Annual National Rural Health Day is no exception.  NOSORH’s goal is to supply SORHs and Partners with resources and information to help celebrate NRHD in the best possible way.

The information and templates on the website are in the process of being updated to get an earlier start on celebrating this year.  NOSORH is planning a “Getting Ready for National Rural Health Day” webinar in June.  This will give us the opportunity to really get a head start and make the fifth year, the best year.  Some of the new things to feature this year will be a national video for SORHs and Partners to use for various purposes including press releases or social media.  Our goal is to have every State Office get the attention they deserve by highlighting the amazing work being done in rural.

In honor of the 5th Annual National Rural Health Day, NOSORH is developing a survey to help focus on what has changed or improved over the past five years in rural health care. This will not only give us a national perspective, but will also show just how diversity and innovation of rural health care providers.

For more information about how you can help us celebrate NRHD or to let us know what you have planned, please contact Matt Strycker at


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