Purpose of Rural Health Clinics (RHC): RHC legislation had two main purposes: to improve access to primary health care in rural, underserved communities; and, to promote a collaborative model of health care delivery using physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Federally certified RHCs are primary care practices which use a particular practice model and are reimbursed in a special way by CMS and state Medicaid programs.

CMS uses state survey and licensure agencies to review and recommend designation of private or nonprofit clinics meeting conditions for participation and certification as RHCs. RHCs are important safety net providers since the populations for whom they receive enhanced reimbursements is Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries.

NOSORH’s Primary Care Committee works to plan activities and resources to build the capacity of SORH to provide technical assistance and work with RHCs. Click here for more information about the committee.

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Rural Health Clinic Technical Assistance Educational Series

RHC Policies and Procedures

Emergency Preparedness


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