NOSORH’s Educational Exchange Program offers support for SORH staff to meet with another SORH to develop or enhance their expertise or knowledge, leadership skills, adopt a promising practice, or improve effectiveness of program management, strategy planning and implementation.  This is an excellent opportunity for SORHs to learn from each other and enhance their ability to better serve their rural constituents.

In continuation of the Educational Exchange that happened in the Fall of 2014 between the 3 non-profit SORHs (MI, SC, and CO), Sherri Cox visited the Colorado Rural Health Center to learn new communications and marketing skills.  She learned how to produce story telling marketing videos, improve social medial skills, event planning tips, and how to develop a communications plan. She also learned some integrated marketing best practices, how to utilize data and produce infographics, email marketing campaign tips and website design. They discussed SCORH’s future goals and how to practically apply all of the educational resources learned over the two day period.

Sherri feels the trip was very beneficial and says, “The staff at the Colorado Rural Health Research Center went to great lengths to make sure I made the most of my trip and their mentorship was invaluable to me. I am extremely grateful to NOSORH for letting me have this opportunity to visit with them and am already applying many of these new skills here at the SC Office of Rural Health.

Do you want to learn more about an activity another SORH is working on? Are you interested in the NOSORH Educational Exchange program?  Travel scholarships may be used by NOSORH members to visit another SORH in order to:

  • Develop or enhance their rural health expertise or knowledge;
  • Cultivate their leadership skills;
  • Adopt a promising practice; or
  • Improve their program management and/or strategic planning and implementation effectiveness

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