The NOSORH Educational Exchange Committee is pleased to announce a newly revamped Educational Exchange Scholarship program! Known by many names previously, the Educational Exchange Scholarship program is designed to provide State Office of Rural Health (SORH) employees with travel funds for the opportunity to visit with peers in a face-to-face manner and exchange best practices.

Included in this revamp is a new application form, a new web-based evaluation format for both the traveler and the host state, and a soon to be newly designed set of “areas of expertise” on the NOSORH website.

“The revamped process will not only allow NOSORH members to easily apply for an educational exchange travel scholarship, but it’s accompanying content expertise list (being updated this summer) will make it easier to connect with offices that have skills to share,” said workgroup member Kirby Lecy (MA). “Most importantly, the whole process helps create the building blocks to other mentorship and educational empowerment programs, so SORH staff can be supported in all levels of development both personally and for their State Office.”

The areas of expertise currently listed on the website will become more specific to assist members in searching for someone with the right expertise for an exchange. They will be updated by SORH at the NOSORH Regional Meetings and updated on the NOSORH website once complete. The application form continues as a fillable PDF document so that it calculates totals and makes for an easier application process; while moving the evaluations to Survey Monkey will make the process easier for those completing the evaluation. More information on these documents can be found on the NOSORH website here.

NOSORH would like to thank the Educational Exchange Scholarship working group:  Ashley Wallace (KS), Kirby Lecy (MA) and Melinda Merrell (SC)) for guidance on revamping the program and documents. Their insight was imperative in making programmatic changes to meet the greatest needs of the NOSORH membership.

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