Developing Strategies and Resources for SORH Philanthropic Engagement

The world of rural-interested funders has changed and expanded over the past decade. The continued creation of local healthcare conversion foundations; the new presence of national foundations founded by living donors, and an increasing interest in social determinants of health all serve to create a unique moment – for both non-profits and governmental agencies- to take another look at how best to develop and implement a philanthropic strategy.

NOSORH has engaged Allen Smart and his firm PhilanthropywoRx to help NOSORH, on behalf of the State Offices, provide education and support in service to these strategic philanthropic opportunities. Smart is a veteran grantmaker in the southeastern United States and is a well-known national advocate, writer and researcher on how rural-interested funders can better serve rural America.

Beginning this month, Philanthropyworx will start several activities with NOSORH, including the development of case studies on how SORH have effectively worked with funders on innovative and creative projects; helping to better present the capacities of State Offices for a funder community and accelerating the engagement of funders in promoting and participating In National Rural Health Day activities, among other assignments. Allen will also present at the NOSORH Board Strategic Planning meeting and the NOSORH Annual Meeting on some of the fundamentals of building strong funder relationships.

PhilanthropywoRx will be reaching out to SORH over the summer and into the fall to learn more about what is going on with philanthropy in your states. Please share your interests and challenges. If you would like to contact Allen directly, he can be reached at You can also see some of his latest work at