Board of Directors – In October the NOSORH Board took action to approve President-Elect recommendations on NOSORH Board Liaisons, approved draft letters to the Senate and the House regarding the role of SORH and need for increased funding and made plans to address an upcoming vacancy in the 2016 President-Elect position.

Development – The Development Committee effort continues to focus on diversifying funds and building new services for SORH including support for data needs.  In addition the group will work to provide tools to promote the visibility of SORH in conjunction with the observance of 25th anniversary of the SORH program next year.

Educational Exchange – The Educational Exchange committee promotes mentoring amongst SORH, a survey of SORH is being planned to identify opportunities to improve mentoring.

Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care – The JCREC is continuing its work on a work plan which will support SORH efforts to improve EMS.  Initial plans for a rural EMS conference v 2.0 are shaping up for a conference this spring in San Antonio.

Policy Program Monitoring Team – The committee continues its work identifying emerging topics and issues to track.  Check out the latest topics by clicking here.


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