The Flex Committee provides the State Office of Rural Health perspective on policy issues and serve as a link between State Offices of Rural Health and others implementing the Rural Hospital Flexibility Program including the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and the Technical Assistance and Services Center.

John Packham from the NV ORH is co-chair of the committee.  John explains, “The committee provides a collegial forum for Flex-program and other SORH staff to discuss and address issues and challenges faced by Flex coordinators as we do our best to implement Flex activities in our respective states. For the past couple of years, our monthly calls have generated well-attended, robust discussion – a majority of states participate on the calls and the calls often last the full 90 minutes – because we’ve focused on the most immediate and pressing issues being dealt with by state Flex programs. Current and ongoing topics addressed by the committee include implementation of MBQIP data collection and the use of MBQIP data for quality improvement, major changes to CAH survey interpretive guidelines, coordination of Flex and SHIP activities in our respective states, and Flex grant preparation and reporting requirements. Upcoming Flex Committee calls will continue to address these issues and the wide range of activities and expectations of Flex programs in the new fiscal year.”

To join the committee, contact co-chairs John Packham or Sara Roberts.


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