NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives.  Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

Board– The NOSORH Board of Directors met in June to review the 990 tax return, and learned that 98% of NOSORH funds are used for member services. The Board was provided a first draft of the 2016-18 strategic plan summary including proposed services and proposed measures. Board minutes from prior months are viewable here.

Educational Exchange- The Educational Exchange committee began planning for a quarterly education calendar beginning in August 2016. Workgroups focusing on the Travel Scholarships and SORH Proficiencies will begin work this month with a target of launching the revised Travel Scholarship program in September 2016. The SORH Proficiencies workgroup is still interested in recruiting veteran SORH leaders that are interested in participating. If you would like to join, please contact Chris Salyers. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held on July 18th at 4:00 pm ET.

Executive Committee- Discussed the plans for the 2017 board planning meeting in June and prepared for the June 2016 board meeting and approval of the tax return.

Flex Committee –The Flex Committee added a new standing agenda item to share best practices in Flex programs across the nation. Nevada shared 3 reports they created internally to help hospitals with performance. The committee also reviewed the draft outline for the rural hospital closure toolkit that NOSORH is putting together.

JCREC- The Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care will host a SORH and State EMS Official joint learning session in Boston immediately following the NOSORH annual meeting. There will be no charge and the session is open to all SORH and their EMS state officials. The NRHA and NASEMSO made comments to the National Highway Transportation Administration on Rural EMS Agenda for the Future. Click here for a copy of their comments.

PPMT – With the help of Harvey Licht (Varela Consulting Group), NOSORH prepared and submitted comments on MIPS and alternate payment methodology.  “This was a great collaborative effort. We hope SORH will be able to utilize the comments to educate and engage rural hospitals in their state. Harvey Licht’s experience as a SORH director and willingness to cull through proposed rules is a real asset to NOSORH and all 50 SORH,” said Teryl Eisinger. SORH should consider using the comments to educate staff and constituents on rural issues related to the proposed rules. To view the comments, click here.

RHC Committee- The RHC Committee reviewed the first draft of the RHC Engagement toolkit outline to be released later this. The Maine Rural Health Research Center shared that they are in the process of creating efficiency measures, providing some benchmarking materials to be done by this summer.

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