NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging on many NOSORH initiatives, descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

Committee News

Awards Committee – NOSORH President Mary Sheridan has appointed Margaret Brockman (NE) to serve as Co-Chair of the Awards committee.  The committee will begin meeting this month and will start with a review of awards categories and make plans for collecting nominations and making awards presentations at the annual meeting.

Board of Directors – The June meeting of the NOSORH Board of Directors included reports on NOSORH’s 5 strategic priorities:  build impact of National Rural Health Day, diversify funding for NOSORH, increase appropriations for SORH, build capacity of SORH to support RHC and offer resources to SORH to improve access to care, quality of care and health of rural Americans.  In addition John Barnas (MI) was elected as interim Treasurer to serve after the departure of Charles Owens (GA) and prior to the election of Treasurer in September.  Reports were also provided from Karen Madden (NY) on the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services.

Bylaws Task Force – The task force led by President-Elect Scott Daniels (HI) will present bylaw changes to the NOSORH membership in September, which will provide for term limits for NOSORH Board members.  Full details on the proposed bylaws will be provided to the SORH Directors who serve as NOSORH voting members in September.

Communication Committee – Each month, the Communication Committee reviews readership stats of the Branch and Roots.  May’s readership for the Branch and Roots were respectively 45% and 37%.  June’s readership was 38% and 43%.  The Committee welcomes new membership and encourages anyone to join that is interested.  They continue to work on plans for National Rural Health Day including outreach to grant makers and other stakeholders to support the work of SORH for National Rural Health Day.  A PIO toolkit to share with SORHs is also in the works.

Development Committee – The Development Committee reviewed dues analysis of other organizations.  This month the committee will discuss opportunities for sponsorship and expanded dues options.

Educational Exchange Committee – The Educational Exchange Committee will meet on Monday, July 22nd at 4 pm ET to discuss NOSORH’s educational strategy.

Executive Committee – The Executive Committee is finalizing plans for a visit with FORHP in mid-July to discuss issues of importance to SORH including roles for SORH leadership and leveraging programs.  A full report on outcomes of this first ever meeting will be published in the next edition of the Branch.

FLEX Committee – The FLEX committee will develop comments on the Federal Register notice about PIMS measures for the FLEX program in time for the July 27 deadline.  Committee Chair John Packham (NV) has reached out to CMS to plan a webinar for FLEX coordinators on the new interpretive guidelines.  The session is planned for July 30th at 3-5 PM ET.  Watch your email for more information on how to connect.

Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care – The JCREC Committee is planning a rural EMS learning session on September 3rd from 8 am to noon in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Nominating Committee – The committee is working to put together a slate of officers for election at the NOSORH membership meeting in September.  Officers to be elected include: President-Elect, Treasurer and Secretary.  A proxy will be required from any SORH Director unable to attend who wishes to designate someone else to cast his or her vote.

PCO Task Force – Alisa Druzba, PCO Task Force chair reported to the NOSORH Board on the issues PCOs continue to experience with shortage designations.  The PCOs have expressed a need for state PCO profiles and workforce resources.  The Task Force will meet again to identify meaningful opportunities to support PCO and SORH collaboration.


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