NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives.  Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

JCREC-  The Joint committee met, and many federal agency updates were given, along with the Policy Page that NRHA is working on, NASEMSO supporting the National Rural EMS & Care Conference, and an update from Tom Perkins, Virginia Office of EMS, on their ongoing partnership with rural.

Board – The NOSORH Board met last month to follow up on strategic planning efforts. A task force has been assigned to review committee structure and governance and a “futures” effort lead by Graham Adams (SC) will provide insight on positioning SORH for the future. Additionally, the Board acted to allow NOSORH employees to donate Paid Time Off to other employees. The Board also heard about a funding lines increase and plans to grow SORH engagement with the CDC. Board minutes of past meetings are posted here.

Executive– The Executive Committee met in March to plan the March Board agenda, follow up on strategic planning efforts and to follow up on a NOSORH employee family leave policy.

Flex – The Flex Committee reviewed the Funding Extension Progress Report guidance released last month with a focus on provider-based RHC work and EMS services. The group discussed several approaches to meet the newly clarified requirements such as including operational support services to clinics such as coding and billing education. Additionally, the group is developing a list of potential updates for the Flex Program.

RHC- The RHC Committee continues to focus on technical assistance offered to Rural Health Clinics across the nation as well as topics pertinent to SORH work. Currently, the committee is investigating rural Home Health designations and discussing Chronic Care Management coding and potential billing impact. The NOSORH RHC Institute had its Kickoff on March 18th in San Antonio as a precursor to the NARHC Spring Conference. The RHC Institute runs through July.

Policy Program Monitoring Team – The PPMT will meet twice this month, Tuesday April 10th and April 25th. The group will discuss proposed short-term limited duration health plans and work to continue planning a series of webinars which will help SORH and their partners with a framework for understanding potential state health care coverage initiatives. The initiatives discussed will include those affecting Medicaid programs and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace.

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