NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives.  Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

JCREC-  On the Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care several states shared their activities: Minnesota on the challenges of an aging volunteer EMS force, Georgia on their success in Medicaid proposals on EMS in the state, and New Mexico on identifying data sets for Tribal health. NRHA has also developed an EMS Policy Paper that will be made available soon.

Board – The NOSORH Board of Directors will meet in March to review a first draft logic model which will provide a framework for NOSORH’s next strategic plan. Graham Adams (SC) has been appointed to lead a “Futures” task force to provide insight for the strategic plan on the role of the SORH in the future and to consider NOSORH services to ensure SORH are able to thrive in the new environment.

Executive– The Executive Committee met last month to plan some of the actions for moving forward with a 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. Melissa Van Dyne, NOSORH President, has appointed a task force to review NOSORH’s committee structure and governance. In addition, the committee is planning to conduct a review of the Executive Director salary structure.

Flex – The Flex committee has been re-purposed to allow for a simple dialogue among Flex coordinators and other SORH who have an interest in Flex issues. Meetings will no longer be recorded, and the agenda will be driven by discussion items provided to committee co-chairs Jody Ward (NC) and John Packham(NV). Last month, the committee began by considering and discussing how the Flex program could be used to respond to community and CAH needs to support primary care, address population health and social determinants of health.

PPMT –The Policy Program Monitoring Team has released a listing of essential community providers in each state. SORH and their partners are encouraged to check the list and provide feedback. A series of webinar/discussion sessions are being planned to look at state policies to ensure access to care. The committee met last month to review the 340 B Study released by the House Energy and Commerce committee, Medicaid waivers, and short term duration health plans. The committee meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at 3 PM eastern. All SORH should consider joining the call for regular updates on policy and program changes.

RHC – The Rural Health Clinic committee met last month and heard from NOSORH partners at the Compliance Team, the Southern Maine Rural Health Research Centers, the National Association of Rural Health Clinics regarding issues of concern for RHC including survey requirements, and the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services RHC report. The committee serves as an advisory group and faculty for the upcoming Rural Health Clinic Institute for SORH.

Education Exchange – The Education Exchange committee met for a combined January and February meeting on February 5th, 2018. The committee began discussing opportunities for education related to “health and wellness”, led by co-chair Natalie Claiborne as a follow up to the January NOSORH Board meeting. An educational fact sheet/issue brief on Medicare Advantage plans is currently being drafted. The next EE committee meeting will be March 19, 2018 at 4:00pm ET.

Communications–  The Communications Committee met to provide recommendations on the new Roots newsletter template created in Constant Contact. The Committee will begin discussing initial plans for National Rural Health Day 2018.

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