NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging on many NOSORH initiatives, descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

NOSORH Board – The NOSORH 2015 Board of Directors approved the NOSORH 990 tax return, voted on the 2016 annual meeting site and took action to respond to the OIG report on swing beds.  They are also looking for input on State Innovation Models (SIM) and feedback on health system reform for Secretary Burwell.

Development Committee – The Development Committee met during the NRHA conference and discussed ideas for a data project to assist with needs assessments, funders for NRHD and dues rates.

Rural Health Clinic Committee – There are 2 subcommittees working on toolkit modules for quality and behavioral health in RHCs.  They began discussing the first steps to develop a curriculum for the RHC Institute and are moving forward to increase collaboration with the National Association of Rural Health Clinics.

Flex Committee – Each month the Flex committee provides a round table forum for Flex Coordinators and partners to share information, challenges and resources for implementing the Flex program. Last month FORHP shared information about the reverse site visit in June.  Some flex program staff expressed need to update their mock survey tools and resources based upon their review of the revised State Operations Manual.  Links to the regulations are provided below

Policy Program Monitoring Team – The group discussed the recent call on health system reform with Secretary Burwell and began to craft a response to her based on input received.  Harvey Licht recommended some topics for webinars and fact sheets for SORH including a briefing on Hospital Acquired Condition Reduction Program (HACRP).

Executive Committee – The NOSORH Executive Committee is preparing to meet with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy and other federal partners in Rockville to share information about the role of SORH and to share issues of concern to SORH and rural communities.  They will begin the process of planning the nominating process for the NOSORH 2016 slate officers in May.

TruServe Advisory Group – The TruServe Advisory Committee (TAC) is working on helping the site administrators of TruServe on keeping up with data input. Tools to help in staffing and how to best utilize the resources are being considered. They will be announcing a date for an upcoming Learning Community to help TruServe site administrators coordinate their staff for efficient input of TruServe data. The committee is also taking a very close look at the data dictionary and seeing if there is any meaningful updates that can be made to help TruServe users better input their data.

Joint Committee on Rural Emergency Care (JCREC) Committee – The committee is proud to host over 170 participants to meet this month in Cheyenne for the inaugural National Rural EMS conference. Click here for a link to the presentations.


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