NOSORH committees are great focal points for engaging in many NOSORH initiatives.  Descriptions of all committees and contact information can be found on the NOSORH website.

Educational Exchange-  The EE Committee had a robust discussion about the activities of the upcoming year. Most notably, the work of the Travel Scholarship program is nearly complete and will be launching in the next few months. The Proficiencies Workgroup has begun their progress with further direction from the NOSORH Board. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be on March 20 at 4:00pm ET.

Flex- The Flex Committee shared a vendor list compiled from Region E and will update with additional information provided by other regions. Information was shared by states working with Community Health Workers. The next call has been rescheduled to Tuesday, March 28 at 3 pm ET.

RHC- The RHC Committee reviewed the draft TA survey to be sent to SORH to better understand TA needs for working with RHCs. The committee will use this information to prepare resources for SORH to assist RHCs. The survey will be shared with NOSORH members later this month.

Development-The Development Committee reviewed the strategic goals for the committee. Michelle Rathman from Impact! Communications provided more information on the Power of Rural playbook she is working on for NOSORH. The Committee will also be preparing a SORH Salary Survey to be sent out this Spring.

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