Hello all – I hope that you all know that one of our top priorities at NOSORH is to increase the funding for SORH.  That effort started anew during the NRHA Policy Institute but needs follow up now that it is “appropriations season” in Congress. You may recall that the Senate and House Labor HHS Appropriations Subcommittees chairs Senator Blunt (Missouri) and Representative Cole (Oklahoma) have asked Members of Congress for input on appropriations.

I understand that the requests need to be made by the Members by March 26th so the timing is RIGHT NOW for you or your partners to reach out to your Congressional Members.

We’ve prepared 3 things to help you to reach out to your partners and Members of Congress to make this request.

o   A sample email to send to congressional representative

o   Our fact sheet on the need for increased appropriation and

o   A sample form that the Oregon Office of Rural Health attached when making the request of his Senator– if you use it the areas in yellow should be modified for your state. (Thank you Scott!)

I’d like to keep track of what requests go in from what states so please send a copy of your request! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email or call.

FYI Bill Finerfrock’s office will be sending a follow up email blast to all Health LAs this Friday and will be letting them know to be in touch with you if they have any questions.

Teryl Eisinger
Executive Director