Dear SORH Colleagues,

The end of 2014 brings an end to my term as President of NOSORH and honestly that makes me a little sad.  But this time of year is also a time to show gratitude and reach out to and support others. I want to thank you for all of your service this year to your rural communities. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to attend additional meetings that brought me to your states. And this year more than ever, National Rural Health Day really accentuated how much your fellowship means to me. I also want to thank you for all of the times over the year that you stepped up to the call from NOSORH. This was evidenced by how many of you participated in webinars, learning communities, committees, meetings, and other opportunities. I ask that you please continue to be our eyes and ears across the country, to let us know what you see on the horizon so we can rise up to meet it. I will remain interested in hearing from you about how to support SORHs and how NOSORH can serve you better.

In 2015 Mary Sheridan becomes NOSORH’s President. Please help me welcome Mary to her role. I know she will bring a lot of expertise, passion and new ideas for strengthening our organization.

I loved serving as your President and it will forever be one of my proudest moments in what I hope will be a long career helping to promote a healthy rural America.

On behalf of our wonderful Board of Directors and dedicated NOSORH staff, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you, our members, for your service, hard work, and continuing commitment to the rural communities across the United States of America.


Alisa Druzba



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