NOSORH recently worked with the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to produce a video and factsheet to promote the important collaboration of State Offices of Rural Health (SORH) and Community-Based Division (CBD) Grantees. The CBD Factsheet can be forwarded to all CBD Grantees in every state to encourage greater collaboration and partnership with SORHs to help foster innovation and strengthen grant activities and outcomes.

The accompanying video highlights an example of successful collaboration between the Kentucky SORH and a community-based organization, demonstrating successful partnership opportunities and innovative approaches to improving health of rural communities. Many thanks to the Kentucky SORH for their efforts in pulling together this video and for the great work they do with CBD grantees.

NOSORH has additional resources available to help SORH when working with CBD grantees or potential grantees, including a letter of support template on the NOSORH website. NOSORH will continue to work with FORHP to ensure SORH have the resources and tools they need to expand on their work with CBD grantees.