Congratulations to the 2018 NOSORH Award recipients! Awardees were honored at a ceremony during the NOSORH Annual Meeting in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A special thank you to the NOSORH Awards Committee, co-chaired by Margaret Brockman (NE) and Cathleen McElligott (MA)! We appreciate all who took the time to nominate a deserving colleague!

Emerging Leader Award:
Kirby Lecy, Massachusetts Office of Rural Health

 “Kirby has become an emerging leader in NOSORH in the few short years that she has been with the Massachusetts Office of Rural Health. Facilitating partnerships, creating opportunities for collaboration, and dynamic problem-solving and planning are a few of the strengths that she has successfully brought to her role in the SORH. She is an active member of NOSORH’s Communications and Educational Exchange Committees. Her ideas are strategic and innovative, while always incorporating the big picture. She also has provided assistance to other states in her region and is always eager to share thoughts and opinions.”

The James D. Bernstein Mentoring Award:
Ernie Scott, Kentucky Office of Rural Health

“Ernie’s office door is always open. (And, he’s very often standing at our doorways as well!) He’s always willing to answer questions and provide guidance. If he’s been there, he’ll tell you about his experiences. If he knows someone who can help, he’ll share a contact. If he’s got questions for you, he’ll ask as well. On top of all of that, he is one of the few bosses – if not the only boss –who, at the end of the workday, thanks us, individually, for the work that we do. That is unheard of in the typical workplace. But, its effect is nothing short of magical: It provides ownership and investment to each of us – we feel that we are part of a solid team that is doing good work for the rural communities of Kentucky.”

Values Recognition Award
Michelle Rathman, Impact! Communications, Inc.

“Michelle’s boundless energy, creativity, and innovation has led her team to deliver beautiful, professional images and messages that have made National Rural Health Day a national campaign. This work helped National Rural Health Day earn NRHA’s Outstanding Rural Health Program award as well as national respect and visibility. She has a great understanding and appreciation of the work of State Offices of Rural Health and NOSORH and is a true rural health advocate.”


The Distinguished Andrew W. Nichols Rural Health Advocate Award and the Legislator of the Year Award will be announced later this year.

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